Zoya Hussain
September 13, 2019

Sanjay Rajoura is a stand-up artist and satirist based in Delhi. His Comedy talks about the life of a typical software engineer in India. Politics, religion, cast, gender politics, feminism are some of his favorite topics. His content has been critically acclaimed to be unconventional, unique and fresh. His USP of narrating real-life stories in a funny satirical manner has been greatly appreciated and well received by the audience. He played the lead role in ‘The Fiction’ directed by Spandan Banerjee which was showcased at Osians Film Festival, New Delhi and MIAAC New York, Washington. His latest solo show called 'End The Occupation' was an act that looks up and down on the "many India's" co-existing in urban spaces. It was about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of ordinary people, a look at the aspects of our social lives and also a peep into the shady side. Sanjay has performed this show at India Habitat Center (Delhi) and Epicenter (Gurgaon). This show has gathered a lot of critical acclaim and has been extremely well received by the audience. He also holds a politico-comedy show namely "Bharat Ek Mauj”. He is also a member of Aisi Taisi Democracy.


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