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We are having an amazing time enabling communities across the globe go online with BITOVN. Sharing few of these interesting stories.

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Special Neighborhood

Special Neighborhood

A Community is a very important element for the disabled, one that will push them to be their best and encourage success. This community is their safe place that won’t look at them any differently and still has incredibly high expectations of them. It needs to work well, like a human body.


Social Network for Athletes

TRACUDO enables Athletes to save all their race records with certificates, pictures and stories and treasure their sweat memories forever.Tracudo also allows Athletes to connect with other Athletes, participate in events and keep themselves with the latest news from the world of sports.

CE5 Contact

Social Network for ExtraTerrestrial Enthusiasts

The CE5 Contact App, an initiative by renowned American ufologist Dr. Steven Greer, provides instructions and tools to assist in making peaceful contact with ExtraTerrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact.


Social Network for Book Lovers

A world where Authors, Readers, Publishers, Bloggers etc. can come together to celebrate a common passion - Reading, Writing or Reviewing Books. Writersmelon is a a community for Bibliophiles with pure passion for books & love for the written word.


The Super Fight League

The Super Fight League (SFL) - Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt founded the Super Fight League (SFL) in 2012. Indian British entrepreneur - Bill Dosanjh and Boxer - Amir Khan now co-own the MMA organization. SFL showcases the potential of Indian MMA fighters. The country is renowned for its boxers and wrestlers. But, the SFL main’s goal is to make MMA more popular in the country


Social Network for Travelers

Find world schooling families, digital nomads and other travelers to meet up with. Though there are other social apps in the travel segment, but they focus more on sharing travel experience. focuses essentially on connecting users on the basis of where they want to travel next.

Leaders Bridge

Social Network for CXOs

Leaders possess a vision and the courage to follow through. A leader has integrity, honesty, humility and continues to be focused in the face of adversity. Leaders are mostly self-made and are only as good as their willingness to develop daily.

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