A Social Sports Recruiting Platform!

Is your Brand stuck in a Bog?
July 5, 2020

Recently we got a chance to work on a Social Sports Recruiting platform which focused on the idea of connecting the Sports Community within a country and enable easy communication between Athletes, Coaches, Teams, and Brands!

Back Story

Our client, a renowned Volleyball Coach in North America has been coaching and recruiting athletes for universities and professional teams for more than 20 years. Over the years there was one thing which bothered him, the excessive traveling to see players far and wide. The idea was clear, why not bring the ecosystem together in the digital realm!

Discussion Initiation

We were scrolling through Social Media and our team came across a small note which talked about the idea, our team quickly put an email in place and reached out! What started with the concept of social recruiting quickly changed into a full-fledged Social Network for a Sport, the idea was crystal clear – Let’s bind the community together, keep everyone connected and create a self-reliant Social Recruiting Platform. Our 100% customizable and highly scalable Social Engine – BITOVN was the perfect solution.

Product Ideation, Design & Development

The Product Ideation phase was super interesting, with multiple types of profiles in the sport 6 different user flows had to be put in place along with this every user type had to have a premium and no premium version. Once the initial documentation came into place the design team took over eventually starting with a white focused design only to convert it into a dark-themed platform at a later stage! Once the social layer was set up with the profile in came the most critical element – The Platform Recommendation and Search Engine! With the Web and Apps in place, AWS was leveraged to get the final deployment in place!

Launch and Present Story

As you might have guessed there was hesitancy in the launch process, with COVID on one side and no matches on the ground the launch had to be delayed but in the background Platform Partners signed up and a Beta launch was done.

Future Scope

We are working to enhance the recruitment and recommendation engine by leveraging Data Science! At the same time with investors coming into the scope documentation has started to launch this to another country! 


Working on this use case has made it clear that sports communities should definitely be connected online, 24*7 connectivity would definitely enhance the recruitment thereby creating a positive effect on performances!

What is BITOVN?

BITOVN is a 100% customizable and highly scalable social engine which enables Brands / Organizations to connect with their community in the digital realm. The unique aspect of the solution remains to be the customization potential along with complete ownership of the solution for the client. Currently, BITOVN is powering 10+ deployments at a Global Scale making it industry agnostic, international standards-compliant, and thoroughly iterated. The core ecosystem of the solution revolves around the 4 C’s of life which are Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Create powered by the multiple social engagement layers on the platform.

“When you connect your community, magic happens! “