$200,000 in less than 60 days using BITOVN, how?

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February 14, 2020
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July 5, 2020

This promises to be a quick read!

For starters, an eye catchy headline but is this for real? Let me take 2 minutes of your time to take you through a recent use case where a BITOVN deployment enabled our client to generate close to $200k in revenue, that too in less than 60 days. 

Back Story

Our Client, a renowned ufologist in the United States has been working on Extra-Terrestrial research for the majority of his life and started a few projects in this space with the primary focus on disclosure of classified secret activities relating to UFOs. Along with this making these findings reach a wider audience to connect and know more about Extra-Terrestrial life has been a priority for him as well. With a following of 150K+ on Social Media platforms it was high time that a Social-Digital Ecosystem be brought into place!

Discussion Initiation

A few months back one of our existing clients (Working on a Community in the Travel space) referred us to the team, after a couple of calls the agenda was pretty clear – A Digital Platform wherein the followers and enthusiasts can connect is the need of the hour. The idea was very clear, have an ecosystem in place where information can be shared and people can connect with one another. At the same time the Brand Name had to be leveraged and in came the monetization layer. BITOVN – our 100% customizable and highly scalable Social Engine was the answer to this!

Product Ideation, Design and Development

Starting with an ideation session with the Product Management team the details and features were finalized. Then the design team stepped up, with the aim of making the Apps user friendly, with a high quality User Interface and Experience following the Privacy by Design ideology. With the designs coming up the Development team combined the power of NodeJS along with Flutter (The BITOVN Technology Stack) to set up the Admin Ecosystem along with the Android and iOS Apps. With everything in place what followed was a thorough testing cycle backed by the deployment on live server (AWS) along with the Apps on the Play Store and App Store.

Launch and Present Story

Finally, the Apps were launched on April 6th, 2020 with a price of $10 for the download. In the initial week the Apps were trending on the #2 and #3 in the Education space in the respective stores. As of last month the Apps have amassed 20K+ downloads bringing in a revenue of $175k+ in little over 45 days! The best part for us remains to be the 4+ ratings ensuring all the hard work gave a great end result. The last two months have brought in huge amounts of feedback thus enabling us to release about 3 new updates for the Apps!

Future Scope

A lot of the feedback has revolved around possible future additions to the Apps, this definitely is on the agenda and we are looking at a build 2.0 in the next 2 months! 


Such use cases validate the importance of having a Brand owned digital community ecosystem which brings together people in the digital realm. So if you have a thought in mind along these lines feel free to reach out to us, Until next time!

What is BITOVN?

BITOVN is a 100% customizable and highly scalable social engine which enables Brands / Organizations to connect with their community in the digital realm. The unique aspect of the solution remains to be the customization potential along with complete ownership of the solution for the client. Currently, BITOVN is powering 10+ deployments at a Global Scale making it industry agnostic, international standards compliant and thoroughly iterated. The core ecosystem of the solution revolves around the 4 C’s of life which are Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Create powered by the multiple social engagement layers on the platform.

“When you connect your community, magic happens! “