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MMA in an individual sport, and you're just pushing yourself to be as dangerous as you can be in 15 minutes. - Tim Kennedy

Despite cricket's popularity as a sport, the number of Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fans in the country has soared in the recent past. MMA is a hard-hitting combat sport that involves grappling and striking. MMA has been able to form a very unique community over the Years. It has brought MMA fighters from remote villages to compete with fighters from popular Indian cities. Since MMA involves and incorporates wrestling, the sport has openly welcomed these fighters from villages and in doing so MMA has been able to transform their lives.

The Super Fight League (SFL) - Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt founded the Super Fight League (SFL) in 2012. Indian British entrepreneur - Bill Dosanjh and Boxer - Amir Khan now co-own the MMA organization. SFL showcases the potential of Indian MMA fighters. The country is renowned for its boxers and wrestlers. But, the SFL main’s goal is to make MMA more popular in the country. It has inspired many fighters who wouldn’t have been professional martial arts fighters. The league organizes tryouts for amateur fighters from India and signs the top fighters.

Super Fight League transformed the sport into the first ever MMA League in the world. It is made up of eight Indian teams including Bengaluru Tigers, Sher-E-Punjab, Mumbai Maniacs, Gujarat Warriors, U.P. Nawabs, Tamil Veterans, and Dehli Heroes. They are categorized into Group A and Group B. Each team comprises one female fighter and five male fighters from various weight classes. The teams faceoff in 12 SFL bouts in their groups before they advance to the semi-finals.

The Problem

In most sports, every game is an eventful, emotional experience that lingers. Even if you’re not an avid sports fan attending a regular mid-season game, you will walk out charged with the power of team spirit in the arena. This might be enough for team fans and team management, but there is an intelligible and reasonable way to amplify every game day — a community app. It elevates the fan experience and the game to a new level and offers better marketing and helps better process data.

The growing popularity of the league and the sport as a whole in India, meant only one thing that the sport is growing popular in cities as well as towns and villages across India. The sport, relatively new, had very few engagement avenues with their fans and followers. Also India being majorly a mobile - first nation, it was imperative that the sport / league looks to explore and offer an engaging experience for their crowd on their respective mobile devices.

A community sports app, powered by BITOVN, has the ability to bring changes to the field that extend beyond the existing gameday experience, complementing and enhancing it.

The app converges all team-related content in one place: news, videos, photos, statistics, game schedule — everything. Social media integration is always included, so fans can share the content on Facebook; however, the discussion can take place on the fan wall within an app, without the need to move anywhere else.

Super Fight League

Unique Features

Follow your favorite Teams and Players

As a Fan, follow your favourite team and players on the app. Interact with your teams and get interesting insights.

Check Fixtures

A must have feature for a sports/league app. The fixtures tell you which who is competing against who and the schedule for the same. It’s always very easy to follow and track the sport with a fixture in place. The fixtures are regularly updated during the season after every match.

Player Statistics and Profile

You can always view a player’s statistics on how well the player has performed so far like matches won, matches played, technical knockouts etc. You can also see a players profiling such the weight category, height, image etc.

Content across Seasons

Get complete access to updates, news, information, highlights, videos, blogs from the current season as well as the previous seasons. Like and share your favourite content on social media and leave comments for social interaction.

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