A Social Network / Community for the Auto Enthusiasts 

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February 4, 2020
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February 14, 2020

We can look at the automotive community from the lens of exploring motoring subcultures and relationships in a more general way. Your readers and viewers spread over different mediums such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram etc. have replaced traditional sources of automotive culture. It is now simpler than ever to source out information and while some still maintain the old world of printing magazines.

Traditionally, automotive interest was generated in people by cars that passed on from person to person, by influence from family / friends or by own if you were adventurous enough. 

With social media, the process of “becoming an auto enthusiast” has drastically changed. Youtube is full of with automobile reviews, how-tos, DIYs for fixing your automobile etc. Social media platforms are a great source for the latest updates, news and articles. Forums help in sourcing out reliable help, information and knowledge from other owners/Auto Enthusiasts. You can learn so much from complete strangers by watching their videos and reading their articles and posts. 

For an Auto Brand/Media House, it may make sense to spread content across various Social Platforms to serve all types of users. But this community is very disintegrated and limited in terms of inter-community interaction, knowledge exchange, etc. Also at the end of the of the day these are FaceBook or Instagram or Youtube users.  

So how would you like to have your own online community, a Social Network of Auto Enthusiasts? 

A social networking platform developed for auto enthusiasts. The platform focuses on driving real connections between auto enthusiasts, auto experts, people interested in automobiles, brands, OEMs and anyone who share a passion for the motoring world.  A comprehensive platform that focuses on feeds from all types of users, connections, local events, shared groups and discussions, profiles, ads and revenue etc. The most important part here is that you own the platform and the users. 

Such a platform will ignite a new levels of excitement above and beyond the usual social networking experience for your followers, users, readers and viewers. 


What Impact can a Community Platform have in Real-Life?

To think about this, we need to understand that social media plays a role on a larger and on a smaller scale for auto enthusiasts. Automobile pages on social media platforms cater to both large and small communities. For example, there are bigger online communities that focus on more general automobile taste and preferences which may lead to large scale meetups, shows, events etc. It’s common to meet new people, make friends and grow your network at such events. On the other hand smaller online communities are usually more focused. The interactions here generally are more personal and people often interact directly and meet up offline. Though the interactions may begin online, auto enthusiasts like to meet up and share their interests, so offline interactions usually follow. 

Youtube is huge social platform that encourages the automotive culture on both a larger and smaller scale. Well known Youtubers often help dictate what is popular in the community. In turn, viewers may flock to certain auto companies or trends due to popularity. Smaller scale channels tend to focus on the local automotive culture and often endorse certain local dealerships, workshops, etc. These channels more directly support offline interactions as people are often from the same local community and local interactions are encouraged. 



Having your own social community platform bridges gaps that didn’t even know existed!


How does an online community benefit non-automotive enthusiasts?

Even if someone is not enthusiastic about automobiles in general, they do need make a decision about buying a new vehicle or need help selling an old one at some point. Such a community can be a great place for people who don’t much about automobiles in general. They can connect with Auto experts or talk to enthusiasts in the community to form an opinion. Such a platform has the power top bind every type of a user in one interactive & collaborative space.


How do you get your own Auto Community Platform? 

We, VAYUZ Technologies, are among the very few companies globally to have developed our own Social Community / Networking Platform.  Our Product ‘Bitovn’ is a social engine designed specifically to meet the needs of various communities across the globe.  Bitovn currently exists in multiple avatars for businesses that needed their Online Community. Each platform that is powered by Bitovn Engine, has been crafted carefully to meet the needs of the community it represents. Every Platform has access to general features like the Feeds, Posts, Connections, Blogs, Events, Live Chat, Profile etc. but its flexible enough to incorporate features that are unique to each platform.