Benefits of Social Network for a dedicated Community

A Social Network / Community for the Auto Enthusiasts 
February 4, 2020

People are communal by nature as they can be engaged around their professions, disciplines, lifestyle, information needs etc. Often when we build relationships with people, whether it’s in a direct or in an indirect manner, communities are created.

These communities already exist and need to grow, while new ones are created with changing needs. These communities from a very long time have thrived in the physical realm and will indeed continue to do so. With technology however, dedicated community platforms can be created and identified on the digital realm. 

Social Networking platforms can provide them with home bases to interact and nurture them virtually resulting in an online community. With the advent of social technologies, the number of possibilities to facilitate, nurture and engage online communities has exploded.


Social Networking platforms work on the formula of 4C’s!

    • Connect; Build personal relationships and networks of trust.
    • Communicate; Bring together people with common interests or profiles.
    • Collaborate; Engage these specific groups of people.
    • Create; 


These 4C’s together lay the foundation for an Inclusive Network. 

The Benefits of social networks for a dedicated community are: 


1. Worldwide Connectivity

There is no easier or a faster way to make new connections, than social media. Individuals can make new friends, build business connections or simply extend their personal base by connecting and interacting with other members – which can have a multiplying effect.


2. Commonality of Interest

When you participate in a social network community, you often come across individuals with similar likes and dislikes. This has a major role building your network around those interests. For instance, if you are a sports aficionado, a book lover or have a particular leaning, you can find and interact with those who share your interest.

It can also be a great way to share tips and ideas. Sites like Pinterest have been very successful due to the ease in which a person can learn – and share – information about hobbies, crafts, cooking, gardening and other do-it-yourself activities. By pinning and sharing, you can attract like-minded individuals into your circle.


3. Real-Time Information Sharing

A very important benefit of Social networking sites is Instant messaging feature, which lets people talk or exchange information in real-time via a chat. There may be various formats of such as text based, Voice based or even video based communication.


4. Targeted Advertising & Invaluable Promotional Tool

Whether a needs to get the word out about an upcoming event or a business owner marketing a new product or service, there’s no better way than specialized social networking . 

A company’s message, on social networking platform, can be used to spread for free or fee-based advertising options are also available. One of the best aspects of social networking is the ability to deliver your content only to those users with the most potential interest in your product or service.


5. Increased News Cycle Speed

Such social networking platforms have undoubtedly revolutionized the speed of the news cycle within their communities. Most news organizations now rely on social media sites to collect and share information.


6. Increased User Engagement

A major benefit of having a social networking platforms for your dedicated community can be that such platforms tend to drive a higher user engagement. Users/Members spend more time on such platforms as compared to the ‘traditional’ platforms as users are able to drive/generate content on their own.  


If you too are looking at empowering your business or community with the benefits social networking platforms provide, get in touch with us to schedule a demo.