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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” — John Quincy Adams

For a well-oiled organization, Leadership is essential. Though it is often identifiable in practice, it’s difficult to accurately describe it. It cannot be defined by an individual's characteristics, by their upbringing, education or social skills. There is not always a motive to achieve or the need for power and it cannot be classed as a by-product of success.

Leaders possess a vision and the courage to follow through. A leader has integrity, honesty, humility and continues to be focused in the face of adversity. Leaders are mostly self-made and are only as good as their willingness to develop daily. It may not always show signs of success but then that is the process of a great leader, as every success and failure is an invaluable lesson. Organization leaders truly understand the value of building a community. They develop a sense of community within their organization, to make it more successful.

The Problem

The client is a Leadership Coach and conducts sessions with senior executives, senior management, CxO level staff of large organizations. The client has experienced various instances and situations where a CxO may need the expertise of a CxO of another company in the same or different industry vertical. Reaching out directly through official mediums may not be an option at times. Thus a solution was needed wherein the top - level staff of an organization could anonymously connect with the top-level staff of another organization and discuss their issues and solutions.

The Solution

Bitovn, straight off the bat, addressed the need to bind all the leaders into a community. By leaders, we mean the elite and the senior executives of top notch organizations (we might be looking at the Forbes list here!). A community of CxOs with a similar set of values, beliefs and a sense of community. The community empower each towards their respective goals, support weaknesses, nurture strengths and promoting a sense of camaraderie to improves levels of productivity.

Anonymous Network

Unique Features

Connect Anonymously

Each user on the platform is first verified and takes up a Pseudo name of their choice. A user’s Profile only displays the Industry vertical, position held, skills, etc. without revealing the actual name or the company name. It becomes much easier to connect in this manner, regardless of whether he/she is and keeps the focus behind connecting very clear. Members may choose to mutually disclose identities.

A Member Directory

Every user on the platform has an access to a Members Directory. The members directory enlists all users on the platform while maintaining their anonymity intact. The members in the directory are listed / categorized on the basis of their expertise, location, industry segment, years of experience and much more. A user can look up any member and choose to connect, send message etc..

An Intelligent System

Though the members may appear anonymous, the platform is smart enough to privately intimate a user if he/she is trying to connect with a member of the same organization. The whole idea being to promote connection with members from other organizations.

A Facilitator

Members describe the kind of help they would like to get or mention the skills, Industry vertical in which they’d like to explore. Algorithms defined in The Facilitator guides/suggests the users with the “Right Connections” for their needs.

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