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“I'm sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It's just been too intelligent to come here.” ― Arthur C. Clarke

Advancements in space and planetary sciences, astrobiology and life sciences combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis etc. have created new opportunities to explore the extraterrestrial space and life.

The search for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence has carried out for several decades now. The question of whether other inhabited worlds might exist has been on debate for a long time.

The Problem

The Client is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations.

For over 30 years, he has provided briefings for senior government officials across the globe, conducted numerous media interviews and delivered hundreds of lectures. He has also five books and produced feature film documentaries that have been seen by hundreds of millions of people. His relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO / ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world.

The Solution

ET Contact is undertaken using the CE5 protocols. CE5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Unlike the more passive CE1 - CE4 experiences, a close encounter of the fifth kind is human initiated.

Experience, has shown that ET civilizations respond very favourably towards correctly applied CE5 protocols, from playback of specific tones followed by entering deep states of consciousness and awareness. As you practice CE5 with positive, peaceful intentions and your progress with meditation improves you’ll find it becomes increasingly effective, both individually and in a group. Bitovn, straight off the bat, addressed the need to bring these like minded people together as a community.


Unique Features

CE5 Networking

While the field and contact work can be certainly be done alone, it is even more effective if you can assemble a small group of like minded people, that would be interested in pursuing the work with you. Use Map to locate like minded users nearby.

Optimize your CE5 Experience

The CE5 Guide provides you with the necessary background information for understanding and optimizing the overall CE5 experience. The Guide provides topics with related information that you can go through before beginning the CE5 process.

CE5 Library

Get Access to the some of the photos , videos and audios that were captured during previous CE5 expeditions. These samples represent some of the many ways that ExtraTerrestrial Civilizations may make their presence known during the field work.

CE5 Recommended Reading

Reading material is available to further expand your understanding of consciousness and contact, ET & UFO matters, as well as the History and Science that relate to these topics


CE5 Contact launched in April 2020, climbed to 3rd most trending apps in less than a month. CE5 now holds the 3rd most trending app under the Education segment, in the paid segments of both Android and Apple stores.

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