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"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien

A different kind of Travel !

The travel and tourism sector has grown more in the recent years than most of the other economic sectors. It has added a record $8.8 trillion to the world’s combined Gross Domestic Product – up from $8.3 trillion previously. This sector has succeeded in creating as well as over 300 million new jobs.

What has led to this surge and why does the world seem to have started travelling more now. The benefits of traveling are not just a one-time thing. Traveling changes you physically and psychologically. Having little time or money isn't a valid excuse. One can travel for very cheap and very easily. If you have a full-time job and a even family, you can still travel on the weekends or holidays, even with a baby. Today there are all kinds of services available according to various types of travellers.

For e.g. Travellers are now seen differently from Tourists. This has also led to an alternative philosophy of travel such as WorldSchooling Families or Digital Nomads.

Worldschooling is a lifestyle that allows children to learn from the world around them and usually involves travel. A growing number of parents are choosing to worldschool their kids because this type of education encourages child-led, life-time learning and can be done anywhere, at any time.

Travel has also given rise to a whole new generation of “Digital Nomads” - online entrepreneurs or traveling freelancers. Gone are the times when being physically present in an office – from 8 to 5, five days a week – was a necessity. Nowadays, if the career allows, workers do not necessarily have to show up in an office or even be in the same city or country.

The Problem

The client himself believes concepts such as WorldSchooling and Digital Nomad have transformed the Travel industry today. And it is with this aim that he wants to create a platform that offers a physical and virtual Social Experience around the Travel.

Though there are other social apps in the travel segment, but they focus more on sharing your travel experience. There are not many platforms out there where users can connect on the basis of where they want to travel next.

The Solution

Bitovn, straight off the bat, addressed the need to bring Travellers, Digital Nomads and WorldSchooling Families into a community. It is often said that sometimes when you travel you end up making great friends for life.

The platforms aims on creating a network where people can find potential travel partners and great friendships. The platform will allow the to discover complete travel itineraries of friends, global travelers etc. Browse travel photos, maps, reviews and recommendations.

Users will be able to upload travel photos and create visually stunning travel itineraries. Share their travel plans with friends and family. Meet and connect with like-minded travellers from around the world. Reach out to 1000's of travelers directly.

Add their trips to your list and plan your perfect vacation.


Unique Features

Discover Trips posted by travellers near your location

View Trips posted by travellers in your area, city or even your country. Also search for trips to destinations if you have something specific planned in mind.

View Travel Plans, Detailed Itineraries Show your Interest

Users can view travel plans and detailed itineraries posted by a traveller and decide if this suits them or not.

Show your Interest

Show that you are interested in partnering with a user on one of their travels. You can do this by directly requesting the user to a one on one message chat. You are free to take your conversations offline by exchanging contact details and meeting up physically.

Create your own Trips and Travel Plans

In case you think none of the travel plans you see on the platform suit you, you always have the option to create your own trip , with detailed travel plans and publish it for other travellers to discover.

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