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We are building a neighborhood for the specially abled community

Introducing- Special Neighborhood. A social network for the specially abled

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A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles – Christopher Reeve

The term ‘community’ embodies the importance of each and every member including the disabled individuals as we have witnessed that the existence of a community can allow greater change amongst the people coming from any race, culture, background and religion. A Community exists due to the basic fundamentals and the mutual understanding of people including norms, religion, identity and values.

A Community is a very important element for the disabled, one that will push them to be their best and encourage success. This community is their safe place that won’t look at them any differently and still has incredibly high expectations of them. It needs to work well, like a human body. Every organ has an objective and a task to perform. If these tasks aren’t done properly, it means others can’t do their jobs either and it’s a domino effect. For any community that a person is a part of to truly work, all involved have to do their part for it to show its true value.

In the longer term, such a community can continue to offer as much support and understanding as a specially abled needs. This community is a safe place that won’t look at the specially abled any differently. This is important for someone who is differently abled as they won’t treat you any differently. It’s good to have people that have got your back.

Everyone can make a difference for someone. The people in a community can offer support and strength. You can do the same for someone else.

The Problem

As per WHO, more than one billion people in the world live with some form of disability and one of the biggest problem experienced by this community is absence of opportunities and more importantly of role models. There are also times when participating in community life is difficult for a differently abled individual and this is often where there is a breakdown in communication or lack of understanding.

Till date we had no digital platform or solution, dedicated to the specially abled for times like these. Where an individual can still be in touch with his/her community even when physical reach seems not possible.

The Solution

Bitovn, straight off the bat, addressed the need to bring the specially abled onto an inclusive and a focused digital community platform. The role of a community towards the differently abled individual can be easily elaborated if we emphasize on creating friendly relationships with pure intent and understanding. The importance of forming a bond has hence permitted the individuals to collaborate with the differently abled individuals which thus automatically creates a sense of worth and belonging.

Special Neighborhood is a very special initiative, powered by BITOVN. Special Neighborhood is a philanthropic initiative by one of our clients from Greece, it’s an exclusive Social Network for the Differently Abled. Special Neighborhood aspires to achieve more by enabling its special members to have access to jobs, events, news, inspiring stories and much more from the world of Special Abilities.

Special Neighborhood

Unique Features

Community Map

View community map to see who other users that are online and nearby or in your city, state and even country. View basic information of the user and click to view profile and connect.

Variable Colors for the ColorBlind

This feature is specifically for users that are colorblind. As color blindness may vary from a user to user, thus each user may change the background color of the platform as per his/her blindness of the color.

Adjust Font Size

For users with reading disabilities, they have the option to increase or decrease the font size of the text content on the platform.


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