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So many people crossing the finish line of a marathon look as happy as when I won. They have tears in their eyes. The sport is full of winners." -Gary Muhrcke, winner of the first NYC marathon

Marathon - An Upcoming Sport !

No other sport has experienced anything quite like Marathons / Long-distance running in recent times. It is one of the fastest growing sports in India and across the world. Marathons events are also gaining popularity with companies/corporates to sponsor and participate in.

Marathon’s surge in popularity has various cultural and market implications, which is quite apparent in the growing number of runners and running clubs in countries like India. This has also contributed heavily to sales of running gears and sports brands.

Marathons and other long distance running events connect running enthusiasts worldwide. There are strong groups of runners associated with the brand throughout the country that do training runs before the event.

Meet and greet sessions are held to educate runners before the run. Sometimes there are even promotional runs where amateurs can interact with the more experienced runners.

Programs are also initiated to help a runner meet his/her individual goals. Certain mobile apps engage the runners on all aspects of running, training, FAQs, pacing plans as well as custom plans to reach their goals.

Demand has grown due to people embracing running as an year round activity, transforming it into a year round business. Marathons have also successfully created a different segment called “working Athletes”

The Problem

Every year millions and zillions of people like you take part in various athletic events across the globe, before you reach that point you sweat out whole year training hard and when you cross the finish line it’s not about the medals, not the prize money but the sense of achievement of getting better after each race, it about the RESULTS. It’s about the hours, minutes and seconds that counts which is celebrated.

So what happens to these race records? How are the athletes storing them?

Survey says “Nowhere”, “in the memory “, “excel spreadsheet”, ‘social media platform” or “tracking device”.

We ourselves as runners have faced this and we believe that these records are priceless and needs to be preserved at a special place where it is celebrated not for couple of days but forever.

The Solution

The solution to this - TRACUDO where you can save all your race records with certificates, pictures and stories and treasure your sweat memories forever. It is with you on the go and accessible to you everywhere.

We are in the process of getting all the like minded people together and build a community which will appreciate, encourage, motivate and celebrate your achievements being with you.

We aim to build the largest database for competitive endurance athletes in the world. We rely on athletic communities to populate the database. So join us in this journey contribute and be a part !!


Unique Features

Participate / Register in a Race Event

Tracudo enlists all races in a country under the events section. User can view the event details and makeup their mind to attend it. Based on their type, users can show can show their interest and participate in the events.

Post Race Records

Users can upload their Race timings on the platform, after finishing a race/athletic event. Users can select the race type, the event name, upload pictures from the event and other parameters.

Mark a Record as your Personal Best

If an Athlete feels that a certain record is the best they have performed till date, they can mark that record as their Personal Best. A personal best may only specific to a single category of race. For e.g. An Athlete can have separate Personal Bests in both 42 Km Marathons and 21 Km Marathons.

Gears and Accessories you use.

Sports Gears and Accessories are essential to every sports person. Athletes are very specific about what gears, brands, types suit them. Thus Tracudo provides an option to the Athletes to update their gears and accessories they use on their profile. Other connections in the network too can see what they wear/use.


Tracudo has successfully brought hundreds of Athletes, Marathon Runners, Swimmers, and Cyclists together on the platform to celebrate the respective Sports. Users see Tracudo as a great way to maintain their records and share their achivements out in the community.


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