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How we transformed a simple Wordpress - Blogging Site into a fully customized Social Network !

Introducing- WritersMelon. A social network to bring the Bibliophile community together

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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. - Dr. Seuss

The Role of Books in our Lives

Books are the mystery of human creativity. Books play an important role as a teacher, guide, and a friend in our life. Without books life may seem impossible. They are the manual of life. Books share our pain and help us gain, they guide us to lead the future with confidence.

Books explore creativity and clarity in everyone’s minds. Books are teaching tools for us fools. They are a sea of knowledge for lifetime learners. We can’t imagine a world without books and Writersmelon is building exactly that!

A world where Authors, Readers, Pubshilers, Bloggers etc. can come together to celebrate a common passion - Reading or Writing Books. Writersmelon is a group of crazy book lovers with pure passion for books & love for the written word. It is a leading community of everything Bookish, a favorite online destination for Book lovers.

The Problem

Writersmelon used to be a business that operated and maintained its community through a Wordpress Blogging Site. The day-today operations, running campaigns with Authours, managing the community, etc. became a rather tedious job due to the limitations of a WordPress platform. Writersmelon needed a community engine which could be modified to incorporate custom features that would free them from micro-management and focus more on the business growth.

The Solution

Bitovn, straight off the bat, addressed the need to bind all the users into a community. With the community under one roof, it was now time to build custom features that could replace manual hours and efforts spent daily in the operations.

WritersMelon is a platform where users can discover great books and also the authors that wrote them. Users can also engage in real conversation with other book lovers on the platform. Users can also strike a conversation with their favourite Authors they follow. Writersmelon urges and promotes writing and reading in any form or format. Thus the platform offers rewards for users who are ready to write and publish reviews on the platform. Writers/Authors and Publishers too can find audience for their literature on the platform.

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Unique Features

Promotion Campaigns with Writersmelon

Authors, can apply / start a campaign with Writersmelon. Writersmelon provides Authors the reach within its community to Promote their Book and write Reviews about them

Rewards for Users

Writersmelon encourages its community to read and write. Hence we’ve built a unique Reward System, which can Push people to Read more and Write more. Thus the community now generates content on the platform.

Book Reviews

Users can read a book and write their honest reviews about it. Users can also enroll in on-going campaigns to write reviews and earn rewards parelley.

Create your favorite collection

Bibliophiles can save a book in their collection if its their favourite or if they own a particular book. This often becomes a talking point in the real world between two or more people.

Campaign Analytics

Keep a track of your spending, if you are an author and running a campaign with Writersmelon.


Writersmelon has successfully created of a community of approximately ten thousand Bibliophiles and more than a thousand Authors/Writers/Publishers till date. The platform regularly draws new users registrations and Authors that that are willing to promote their book on the platform and receive first hand genuine reviews and feedbacks from the readers.

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